Esports Certification Institute Aims to Standardize Career Paths


in General | Apr, 26th 2021

Just last week, we featured a blog on esports career opportunities. Today, we have a big announcement that could shape the future of how people prepare and apply for jobs in the esports industry!

You see, the esports industry keeps growing at a rapid pace, exceeding previous projections, and breaking records left and right. As such, the industry is in dire need of skilled workforce, and the demand isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite that, getting a job in esports still isn’t straightforward. More often than not, it’s about the connections you nurture rather than the skills you have. But, the same goes the other way too – the process of talent acquisition in esports is chaotic.

But, Esports Certification Institute aims to put an end to that! Founded by Ryan Friedman (former Dignitas Chief of Staff) and Sebastian Park (former Houston Rockets VP of Esports), the ECI aims to provide assistance to aspiring esports professional in several key areas:

  • Professional guidance
  • Official certification
  • Esports networking

A simple Google search will give you a bunch of results for various esports certification programs. However, the key characteristic of Esports Certification Institute is the fact that it’s backed by prominent names within the industry. FlyQuest CEO Tricia Sugita, Cloud9 VP Donald Boyce, Gen.G CEO Chris Park, just to name a few.

ECI is all about a merit-based examination and certification program. What does this mean? It’s fairly simple – the candidates have to pass an exam to earn the ECI certificate. The examination part features an essay coupled with 120 multiple choice questions across three categories: problem-solving, statistical literacy, and esports knowledge.

“Similar to standard financial certifications, candidates demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a rigorous examination to ensure critical competencies necessary to work in esports. Becoming an ECI certified professional sets job-seekers apart from other applicants and is the next step of professionalization in esports,” Tricia Sugita, FlyQuest CEO

At the time of writing, that’s all we know about Esports Certification Institute. No worries, we’ll keep you updated with fresh news on the subject

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