Esports More Than A Game For Edmond Memorial

The first Oklahoma Esports League State Championship was a smashing success for Edmond Memorial, particularly for Devin Roberts.

“After I won the match, about ten minutes later, I was actually scouted out by a college and was offered a $10,000 scholarship. At first, I was confused, and then I was like, OK, I guess this is a start,” said Devin Roberts, the Super Smash Brothers state champion.

It is indeed the start of something big in gaming, where students can earn a scholarship in the glow of a monitor just like under Friday night lights.

The Bulldogs placed in three sports at the state championship, including two titles.

“They practice so hard. That’s an honor those kids will never have taken from them,” said Kate Swearingen, Edmond Memorial esports coach.

Just like in traditional sports, winning in the e-world requires teamwork and strategy. It also offers inclusivity.

“We want spaces for every single kid,” Swearingen said. “That every kid feels like they have a place to belong. I have kids that weren’t passing before but now they’re passing. They want to be able to be in this space and represent the school.”

Nick Louque is a member of the Bulldogs’ state champion League of Legends team. His love of gaming came from his father, a legend in his own right.

“He would always play games and he would always be number one. He used to have his own office that he would play video games in. I would always stay in the office just watching him play,” said Nick, an Edmond Memorial junior.

Doug Louque passed away last year at the age of 50 after various health complications. Nick has honored his father by taking up his dad’s gamer tag.

“Seeing that my dad always has my back playing league and always supporting me, it really helps me,” said Nick.

Nick said he wants to continue to honor his father by one day becoming a professional gamer.

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