PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split’s (South Asia) group stage to begin today

The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Spring Split will kick off today in 27 regions worldwide.

Semi-pro and pro teams who have qualified through the qualifiers for the group stage of their respective regions will battle it out for a place in the finals. The PMCO 2021 Spring Split offers a massive prize pool of $1,642,400, a considerable jump from the allocation in the previous iteration.

South Asia region gets large chunk of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Spring Split prize cake

The South Asian region has become strong in the brief history of PUBG Mobile esports. Even after PUBG Mobile was banned in India (a major force in PUBG Mobile esports) last year, the region (which includes countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka) has shown its talent and potential repeatedly. Teams from here have competed fiercely at both the domestic and international levels.

Keeping in mind all these things and the viewer’s enthusiasm for PUBG Mobile esports in South Asia, the officials have decided to allocate $116,800 for the South Asian region out of the massive prize pool.

This prize money will be distributed equally among the four PMCO regions competing within the South Asian belt.

This distribution is as below:

The PMCO 2021 Spring Split South Asia prize pool distribution
The PMCO 2021 Spring Split South Asia prize pool distribution
  1. Pakistan ($29,200)
  2. Bangladesh ($29,200)
  3. Nepal ($29,200)
  4. South Asia Wildcard ($29,200)

The top-performing teams in these PMCO’s will also earn a spot in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 3 (PMPL S3), where they will compete with the best teams in the South Asian region for higher glory and prize pools.

The PMCO 2021 Spring Split South Asia will be streamed on the YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile Esports, with the group stage of each event starting at different timings:

  1. PMCO Pakistan Spring Split 2021: 5:00 PM PKT (5:30 PM IST)
  2. PMCO Nepal Spring Split 2021: 7:45 PM NPT (7:30 PM IST)
  3. PMCO Bangladesh Spring Split 2021: 3:30 PM BDT (1:00 PM IST)
  4. PMCO South Asia Wildcard: 1:00 PM IST

It would be intriguing to see the fierce competition between these pro teams. Whether any of the sides from this year’s PMCO make it to the international stage remains to be seen.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 15:02 IST

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