Rix.GG welcomes Mognus as newest influential content creator

Jamie Lewis, founder and CEO, said: “Bringing Joonas back to the Rix.GG family was an obvious decision. He’s popular among staff and fans alike, and I can’t wait to be working alongside Mognus once more.”

Joonas “Mognus” Salo, influencer, said: “I’m happy to be back working with Rix! This will be a whole different role for me than in the past but I expect to have their full support during this journey. Even for a smaller org, I saw their potential first hand when I was competing, so expect some great things to come!”

About Rix.GG

Rix.GG empowers esports athletes to reach their full potential through unique opportunities, support, and competitive training. Founded by Jamie Lewis and a team of investors in 2020, the esports organisation launched by signing one of the UK’s best Valorant teams featuring homegrown talent. Rix.GG aims to grow grassroots esports in the UK by developing athletes, signing rosters in other titles, holding tournaments and other esports events. Learn more at https://www.rix.gg

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For further information: Jorden Dakin-White, Head of PR and Content, Rix.GG, [email protected], +44(0)7484192719

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