Two Malaysian eSports teams win RM20,762 each at ‘Wild Rift’ tournament

Two Malaysian eSports teams took home US$5,000 (RM20,762) each at the recent Summer Super Cup for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game Wild Rift, which pitted them against the best teams in Asia.

Local teams Berjaya Dragons and Geek Fam made it as far as the Group Stage, alongside 16 teams from eight different countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Group Stage followed a double round-robin format, dividing teams to four groups of four, while ensuring teams from the same country do not play against each other.

Berjaya Dragons and Geek Fam each won one-of-six rounds, placing them in the bottom four along with Hong Kong’s QWQ who also won one-of-six rounds, followed by Singapore’s Impunity eSports who lost all their matches.

The Summer Super Cup championship was won by Thailand’s Evos eSports TH earning them the grand prize of US$25,000 (RM103,812). Second place went to Taiwan’s One Team, winning US$19,000 (RM78,897), while Vietnam’s Cerberus eSports took third place and US$14,500 (RM60,211).

The Summer Super Cup was the first regional championship for the 2021 South-East Asia (SEA) Icon Series, organised by Riot Games, the studio behind MOBA League Of Legends and its mobile spin-off, Wild Rift.

On its Facebook page, the Berjaya Dragons apologised to their fans for their performance, adding that it was an honour to represent the country.

“We will get back to the drawing board, and start over again so we can do better in the next International tournament,” they said.

The 2021 SEA Icon Series Summer Super Cup was presented by the Philippine Pro Gaming League (PPGL) and sponsored by smart device maker Oppo. The Group Stage ran from June 19 to 22, followed by the Playoffs held from June 25 to 27.

In the earlier qualifiers, the ESL Mobile Open 2021 Summer: Malaysia group stage, Berjaya Dragons came in first with a perfect 6-0 streak, also winning US$4,845 (RM20,082) while runner up team Geek Fam, who lost to Berjaya Dragons 4-1 in the grand finals, still earned US$2,422 (RM10,039) in prize money.

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