Warzone June 30 Rolled Back Temporarily


in Call of Duty | Jul, 1st 2021

A blog post recently revealed the June 30 update for Warzone was going to nerf two popular weapons. The C58, FARA 83, and Nail Gun all saw nerfs of some kind, though some say they weren’t enough to start with. Not even a day later though, Warzone’s June 30 update was rolled back for mysterious reasons. All we know for sure is that there were “critical issues”.

This update lasted about eight or nine hours before it was rolled back by the developers, Raven Software. Nobody in the comments seems to have any knowledge about what caused this rollback to the June 30 update to Warzone. The announcement was simple enough:

Hey everyone! Due to an ongoing issue with this mornings update we have made the decision to roll the update back while we work on a fix. We will update as soon as the issue is resolved and the update is relaunched.

The update will be back in the near future, but we have no idea when it will be. It will be hopefully soon. You can still play Warzone though, just with the previous patches’ balance adjustments. While the Nail Gun didn’t lose any of its incredible stopping power, it did lose a ton of range, being adjusted 30%. Some say that’s not relevant because people can still run up on you from behind and delete you. In the original patch notes, Raven Software said this about the Nail Gun:

The Nail Gun (BOCW) is and was meant to be a lethal, highly-mobile, short-range dominator. However, its Maximum Damage range far exceeded the lethal range of Shotguns, which it is intended to contest. The Nail Gun’s (BOCW) generous range and mobility allowed it to consistently dispatch foes at the same speed or faster than Shotguns at almost twice their effective range. While the Nail Gun’s (BOCW) pick rate has remained relatively low, we believe it would have been much higher were it more easily accessible.

Still, no changes to feats (Dead Silence, Stopping Power), and the Nerf Gun is as powerful as ever. But on the positive side, it’s not going to be as deadly at a long range, like it was before. Hopefully the recoil reduction the FARA 83 and C58 will be significant enough without making them useless. For now, we just have to wait and see how long the update will take to come back!

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