Adopt Me Ocean Egg Release Date

Roblox is loved by players of different ages, and it is one of the most popular games out there. From body building simulators to being able to play with your favorite anime characters, there is a Roblox game for everyone.

Amongst the hundreds of Roblox games, Adopt Me leads the chart in terms of popularity with 20 billion visits and over 500k concurrent monthly players. The developers, Dreamcraft have been constantly releasing new updates for the game to keep the playerbase engaged. Quite notable of all is the fact that they take feedback from the players itself before releasing a major update.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg Update – What is it?

The next major update the game will be receiving is the Ocean Egg Update. Many fans are wondering, what the Ocean Egg actually is. Before this, the developers had released the Fossil Eggs in the game, which gave players access to a number of new pet animals such as the Dodo and various other dinosaurs.

The Fossil Egg was quite a hit and the developers did a poll on Twitter after that asking fans which will egg they want to be replaced with the Fossil Egg. In the poll, Ocean Egg won by a significant margin followed by the Mythical Egg.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg Update – When is it coming out?

Well, as of now, we have no news about the release date of the Adopt Me Ocean Egg Update. However, there is some good news as well. The developers have been teasing a lot of stuff lately, and that means we might be getting the update really soon.

Just yesterday, they tweeted a video of the egg in-game which suggests that the update is pretty much ready to go. We can see that the egg is blue in color, surrounded by seaweeds, and with a starfish on top. Are you excited about the Adopt Me Ocean Egg Update?

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