Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Could Be Set for the End of June 2021

New leaks from the next Battlefield game suggest that the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will be available as soon as later this month.

The leaks around Battlefield 6 have been inevitably floating on the internet over the last few weeks. Things got started with some trailer screenshots from the upcoming Battlefield title and then tweaked with a bunch of gameplay images shared by Tom Henderson.

Up to this date, the only thing official about the next Battlefield is the fact that it is supposed to be unveiled on June 9, 2021. Although we are only a few days away from the announcement showcase, some main features of the game have been leaked by Tom Henderson once again.

Battlefield V – Official Launch Trailer



Battlefield V – Official Launch Trailer





New Leaks from Battlefield 2042

According to the details dropped from Henderson’s Discord channel, the official name for the next Battlefield entry will be Battlefield 2042. This does ring a bell for the old-school Battlefield fans, especially those who have already played Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142.

If the name turns out to be true, the upcoming entry will have a more modern setting than 2142’s futuristic theme.

As the source suggests, Battlefield 2042 will host an open beta event as soon as later this month. This probably means the game is closer to launch than expected.

When it comes to the gameplay features, Battlefield 2042 will reportedly feature zip-lines, a new attachment system, specialist roles for each class, and extra-large 64v64 maps with dynamic weather.

As the source explains, the specialist roles will feature a unique ability allowing players to support their squad members. The multiplayer experience is going to be more squad-oriented as the number of players and the scale of battles grow.

If the rumors above turn out to be true, then we could hopefully have a hands-on experience of the game with the Battlefield 2042 open beta session going live this month.

The next Battlefield game – call it Battlefield 6 or 2042 – is supposed to be revealed next week on Wednesday.

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