Battlefield 6 Will Take Customization To “The Next Level”, Claims Industry Insider

We’re not far away from the official reveal of Battlefield 6, but the leaks and speculation are still going strong. Industry insider and leaker, Tom Henderson, has taken to Twitter to announce that the new Battlefield title will take customization to “the next level”.

Henderson has been correct on Battlefield leaks in the past, so we believe it’s a safe bet that he’s not lying when he says customization will be taken to a whole new level in Battlefield 6.

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Battlefield V – Official Launch Trailer



Battlefield V – Official Launch Trailer





In his tweet, Henderson quote retweeted one of his own sketches from May 2 of this year. In the sketch, Henderson appears to have given fans a glimpse into a four-legged robot that could appear in the new Battlefield title.

Why Henderson chose to discuss customization above his previous tweet from May 2nd is a bit of a mystery. But it’s likely that he was hinting towards customization revolving around what we can only assume to be a mini robot dog.

Back in April, Henderson did tweet that “your robot doggy will also be customisable”. So, it’s likely that he was referring to his previous statement when he claims that customization will be taken to the next level in Battlefield 6.

He also stated that wacky cosmetics will appear in the new Battlefield title, something DICE has never done before.

As well as wacky cosmetics and robot dogs, it looks like gun customization will also be a big element in Battlefield 6. After being quizzed about the specifics of gun customization in the upcoming Battlefield release, Henderson said, “Last I heard was 6-8 different changeable attachments per weapon. Similar to how CoD has been doing it in recent years.”

So, what could customization actually look like in Battlefield 6? And will DICE take it to the next level?

Simply speculating on what Henderson has said, we imagine DICE to have implemented a brand new gunsmith system in Battlefield 6, much like Activision has with their recent Call of Duty titles.

As for other types of customization, there will likely be a Season/Battle Pass for players to earn different cosmetics for their weapons and character. How this can be portrayed as “next level”, we’re not too sure.

We’ll have to wait until the official reveal on June 9 to find out more.

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