Bully Is Now Playable on PS Vita, Thanks to a New Mod

You can now play Bully on PS Vita using an unofficial mod, but this could all be taken down by Rockstar Games sooner than you expect.

Although Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently the most anticipated title from Rockstar Games, gamers would mind if they get a sequel to Bully before the next GTA arrives.

Depicting the life of a student in a horrible school, Bully turned into a beloved experience for many gamers in the world soon after its launch back in the sixth generation of consoles.

Up to this date, we have heard a lot of rumors about a sequel to Bully, but unfortunately, they all were lies. That being said, now that we can’t get a new Bully entry, we sure love to see it running on more platforms.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – Announcement Trailer | PS5



Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online – Announcement Trailer | PS5






Bully Is Playable on PS Vita Through Android

Recently, a talented Bully fan, who is also a security engineer at Google, managed to port the game for Android and then imported it on PlayStation Vita.

If you are eager to try it out, you will need to jailbreak your PS Vita which has its own risks. But before doing so, keep in mind that the mod doesn’t work quite well and the game already has some issues on PlayStation Vita.

As mentioned in the mod’s Github page, the game cannot be played for too long on PS Vita as it crashes due to smaller RAM memory on the handheld console.

The problem could be solved in the future, but the modder might soon face some legal actions from Rockstar Games as they usually don’t have a friendly approach towards modders who port their titles on different platforms.

Bully was originally launched in 2006 for PlayStation 2. The Xbox 360 and Windows editions launched two years later in 2008.

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