Concrete Genie Devs, Pixelopus, Is Working on a New PS5 Title

The team behind the wholesome title, Concrete Genie, are hard at work on their next game for the PS5

If you have never played Concrete Genie then you are seriously missing out on one of the most beautiful games, in my opinion, to grace the PS4.

Released back in 2019, Concrete Genie depicts the adventures of a young boy named Ash who is harassed by a group of bullies but due to his amazing artist skills, he creates new monster friends to help him take on the thugs as well as save the town of Denska.

Concrete Genie – Story Trailer



Concrete Genie – Story Trailer





In a recent Twitter post, PixelOpus, the development team behind Concrete Genie, has announced that they are currently working hard on a brand new title for the PS5.

Also included in the Twitter post, the studio stated that they are now looking to hire a Principal Graphics Programmer to help with their next title. The skills and responsibilities required for the new position include:

  • Key contributor to the development of technology of cutting edge, 3d rendering technology within the constraints of the target system and performance characteristics of the game engine. This includes, but is not limited to, Complex shader coding, Lighting Models, Special effects (bloom, fog etc.), Occlusion schemes utilizing the rendering architecture, Particle systems, Shadowing Solutions etc.
  • Maintaining a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the engine and tools pipeline.
  • Managing graphical performance budgets and expectations with the team.
  • Maintaining a knowledge of the game design to manage the identification of graphics led solutions to requested features. This could include, but is not limited to, use of complex shader tricks in achieving a specific visual effect, as requested by the art or design team.
  • Providing input into the technical design and the vision through all phases of the game development cycle from pre-production through final product release. This entails ensuring products are of the highest technical quality and uphold the integrity of the game design.
  • Taking ownership of systems and shepherding them from architecture to ship, including rollout to the team.
  • Clearly communicating updates and concerns to their manager.
  • Managing requests or information needs regarding any aspect of the technical creation process with the appropriate members of the development team.
  • Actively maintaining skill set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry.

We already got wind that the studio was working on a new title last year when a posting on Linkedin cropped up saying that the team is expanding and that they are looking for people to join them on “our new and exciting PlayStation 5 adventure”.

If their next title is anything like Concrete Genie and now including the powers of the PS5, gamers are in for a huge treat.

PixelOpus hasn’t disclosed anything further regarding what they are working on at this time but I’m very excited to eventually find out and will make sure to keep you updated on all of its progress here at DualShockers.

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