Could Konami Hold Its Own Event For Silent Hill and MGS Reveals?

Sadly, Konami will no longer be attending E3 2021, but could the publisher host its own event to address those Silent Hill reboot and Metal Gear Solid rumors?

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The conglomerate studio’s previous subsidiary Kojima Productions had resounding success with Death Stranding in 2019, but the publisher has a few projects of its own in the pipeline that could have been a showstopper at E3.

Konami was one of the first studios to be announced as an E3 2021 attendee, however the studio released a statement on Twitter last month addressing timing conflicts.

P.T. – Trailer GamesCom 2014



P.T. – Trailer GamesCom 2014





Could Konami Host A Reveal Event and When to Expect it?

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Despite being unable to present their key projects at this year’s event, attention now turns to a possible solo event for Konami to unveil its secrets.

With rumored titles circling the Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid camp, it would make sense for Konami to host an actual event instead of releasing separate announcements.

The studio’s setbacks don’t sound too damaging, therefore a showcase is expected to appear before the end of the year.

Due to the fact that the world is still struggling with the pandemic, we should assume that the showcase will be an online event.

Could A Silent Hill Reboot Be Announced?

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One of Konami’s projects is rumored to be a new Silent Hill title, and its reveal could coincide with Silent Hill 2’s 20th Anniversary.

This is another reason why Konami will be keen to reveal a new title this year, and hopefully bring back the excitement that surround the cancelled Silent Hills project.

Silent Hills was going to be Hideo Kojima’s collaborative project with Guillermo del Toro and Death Stranding actor Norman Reedus, under Kojima Productions.

The demo P.T. was released in 2014 and stood in high regard with horror fans, but the project was cancelled the following year.

What About Metal Gear Solid?

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Metal Gear Survive failed to make a lasting impression in 2018, but fans are still hopeful that a fresh title for the franchise is on the horizon.

There is also the Metal Gear Solid live-action adaptation to consider, led by Jordan Vogt-Roberts with Oscar Isaac playing Solid Snake.

It may be early days for production, but there are still plenty of cast members to be announced.

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