E3 2021 – From The Switch Pro to Starfield, Assessing The Biggest Rumors So Far

E3 2021 is now right around the corner and the rumor mill is in full swing.

We’ve seen a variety of games mentioned as getting release dates, making appearances or not showing at the event at all.

So, with under a week to go, let’s take a look at some of the biggest rumors so far and assess the likelihood of them happening.

Starfield – Official Announcement Teaser



Starfield – Official Announcement Teaser





Square Enix Developing a Guardians of the Galaxy Game.

This one has cropped up a couple of times now and suggests that Square Enix, publishers of Marvel’s Avengers, would also be releasing another Marvel title, Guardians of the Galaxy.

The rumor has gathered steam over the last few days, with the likes of Jeff Grubb adding fuel to the fire and Square sharing that Eidos Montreal will be debuting a world premiere during the event.

How Likely is it to Happen?

This is one that we can’t help but feel is real. Too many pieces line up, with Square’s Marvel connections, the industry chatter and the imminent new Eidos Montreal game debut – this looks a lock.

2K to Reveal an XCOM-Style Marvel Title

Sticking with the Marvel theme, recent rumors that circulated on Reddit have suggested that 2K would be revealing an XCOM-style Marvel RTS.

These rumors once again gained traction when another industry insider, this time Jason Schreier, stated “Yeah I was wondering if people would notice this leak”.

Little else has been said since then.

How Likely is it to Happen?

Given the track record that Schreier has and how much of a natural fit Marvel and the RTS genre would be, this one seems like another sure fire appearance.

The Big Switch Pro Debacle

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro are nothing new and have dated back to August of last year, coming from Bloomberg. These were followed up by a datamine which revealed some of the console’s specs.

Fast-forward to E3 seasons and more reports. Bloomberg stated that Nintendo wanted to reveal the console Pre-E3 to ensure they could show focus on software during the Direct. “Leakers” then stated the Pro’s reveal would be coming last week, on multiple days.

Unfortunately, those dates came and went with no announcement, sending Twitter into a frenzy.

How Likely is it to Happen?

So, I’m fully of the opinion that the Switch Pro is real.

Will it be revealed before E3 now? I’m not so sure. Things kick off very, very soon and Nintendo doesn’t have a lot of time to show it off.

It all depends on how much their Nintendo Direct relies on the product being out in the open. If it’s heavily focused on “Available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Pro” then they’ll be forced to get the info out, if not, they’ll probably wait.

Elden Ring Won’t be at E3 2021

Ah, Elden Ring. One of gaming’s biggest mysteries.

Since it was announced back in 2019, fans have been thirsting for details and have been let down multiple times.

Fans have been optimistic this year, however, with E3 2021 reportedly presenting the best opportunity for the game to appear, until everybody’s favourite inside man, Jeff Grubb suggested otherwise.

On stream, Grubb simply stated the game wouldn’t be at E3 this year.

How Likely is it to Happen?

Yeah, Elden Ring won’t be showing up at E3 2021.

Instead, Grubb has further clarified things simply stating that “Keighley has it“, referring, of course, to Geoff Keighley.

This means that rather than appearing at E3, Elden Ring will most likely be appearing at Summer Games Fest.

Starfield Won’t Be Coming Until 2022

Once again, Mr Jeff Grubb is the source of more reports and speculation – this time sharing that, despite earlier rumors suggesting Bethesda’s Starfield would be dropping in 2021, the Space-based RPG is actually due out in Q1 2022.

How Likely is it to Happen?

This is a hard one to judge – Starfield seems like a great holiday game, however, Microsoft has another big space-based title likely coming this holiday, therefore, it may be a wise decision to push it a few months.

It would also give Bethesda a few extra months to polish, which, let’s be honest, they usually need!

Be sure to keep it locked to DualShockers as we have plenty more E3 content still to come. You can check it all out here.

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