Flores is the New R6 Siege Operator

Flores is the new operator joining Rainbow Six Siege squad with Operation Crimson Heist.

A few days earlier, Ubisoft officially revealed the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, Crimson Heist. Now, we get to know the new operator joining the roster in this season, Flores. While the full details of the operator is yet to be revealed, at least we can tell that his remote-control drone is going to be the main ability of the new Attacker. Flores R6 Siege addition will probably be followed by some other changes that are yet to be announced.

As the teaser trailer below shows off, Flores is a new Attacker with an explosive remote-control drone. This is all the details we have received officially so far, but according to Ubisoft, the full reveal of the new operator and the new season will be happening on February 21, soon after which, you can check out our exclusive hands-on impressions on the new operator and some other interesting changes coming to the game in this season.


Similar to the last two seasons, Operation Crimson Heist brings only one operator to the game as well. During the last seasons, players received Aruni, the new defender, and Zero, a.k.a. Sam Fisher. Looking at last year’s seasonal contents, Ubisoft had a special focus on reworking the maps and improving the competitive experience. Oregon, House, Sky Scraper, and Chalet received full reworks during the Year 5 updates. This policy received favorable reception from the fans and is expected to be continued in Year 6 as well.

Aside from maps, the developer added some long-anticipated features to the game over the last year, including new sights for various ranges, new Hard Breach secondary gadget, and some significant nerfs and buffs to most of the operators.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it for free. Wait for the a detailed hands-on preview for Flores R6 Siege operator in the coming days.

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