Genshin Impact Childe Banner – Who Are the Featured 4* Characters?

Genshin Impact will be, starting from April 6, launch its second ever banner rerun, featuring Childe Tartaglia, and new character Rosaria – however, the two other 4* star characters of the banner had yet to be revealed, until now.

Who are the 4 star character of the Childe Banner?

miHoYo announced, through the Japanese Genshin Impact Twitter account on April 3, that the 4* characters featured on the Childe banner rerun are Barbara and Fischl. The Childe banner starts April 6 and lasts until April 27, 2021.

  • INAZUMA – All details so far on the region

Genshin Impact Childe banner – Barbara and Fischl

Barbara is a free character, and you definitely already have her if you’ve been playing for a while and unlocked her. In fact, players who started since Genshin Impact‘s release date on September 28, 2020, got Barbara two times for free. Meaning if you pull on the Childe banner, you have good chances of raising her Constellation level very high.

  • ROSARIA – Story and gameplay details

Catalyst and Hydro user Barbara is the best healer in the game. Whether you need or or not is another story though. It all depends on whether you’d rather have a character that increases your survival or DPS on your team.

Meanwhile, Bow and Electro user Fischl too was a free character in the Ver 1.1 event. Fischl is a great character when it comes to Electro DPS, as she can continuously deal DMG by summoning Oz with her E.

Overall they’re both good, so alongside brand new character Rosaria, if you’re planning to get Childe, the 4* characters featured are pretty nice.

At the end of the day though, whether you should get Barbara and Fischl all depends of your current team comp and builds. And lastly, don’t forget the most important, don’t pull on the Childe banner simply because if you’ve heard he’s meta or broke. Instead, only pull if you like him, Rosaria, or the other 4* characters.

  • COSPLAY – One of the first Rosaria cosplay is here

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, and mobile. The game is playable on PS5 via retro compatibility, but an actual PS5 version will launch soon. Genshin Impact was also announced on Switch, but with no release date yet.

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