Google Aims To Shut Down And Refocus Its Stadia Development Studios

There is still hope for Stadia as a cloud gaming service. It’s not quite the next Google Glass just yet.

The writing was on the wall for quite some time. It looks as though Google is now shifting focus away from Stadia as it announces plans to shut down its internal game studio. The announcement comes from a statement posted to Google’s blog site. The post goes on to state that a shift in focus for Stadia will assist with keeping it sustainable. Which in non-business conglomerate terms generally means that it has not been as lucrative as they hoped. However, Stadia’s cloud gaming service will continue as they still want to promote the use of it by third-party developers.

Stadia Games & Entertainment was founded to produce first-party content for the cloud gaming platform. From the offset, Google had its hands full with bringing a new platform into the already crowded ecosystem. Many issues have plagued it since it was announced such as a lack of new content and complaints of the service simply not functioning as promised. While public perception has more so turned more positive, it seems that Stadia’s in-house studios were feeling the brunt of it.

Industry veteran and head of Stadia Games & Entertainment Jade Raymond has also departed Google as per the announcement. She will be joined by many of her colleagues at Stadia as “most of the SG&E team will be moving on to new roles” according to the blog post. Many of whom will either be finding homes at new studios or elsewhere within Google.

Stadia as a cloud gaming service will still go on unimpeded from this development. Google intends to continue supporting its player base and will still allow them to play all of their games. So no titles will be dropped from the library if they happened to be first-party games. From here on out, Stadia will lean more heavily into third-party content and exclusives following the shutdown.

The saga of Google Stadia rages on. Perhaps longer than a lot of us have even anticipated. Whatever comes next will determine how the cloud gaming service carries on. with more similar services coming forward, let’s see if Google has it in them to keep up.

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