Happy Chaos Revealed in Guilty Gear Strive

Arc System Works held the Guilty Gear Strive Early Access Showcase on June 6, revealing the opening anime, the beginning of the first chapter of story mode, the launch trailer, and hinting at Happy Chaos joining the playable roster as DLC alongside other characters.

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Who is Happy Chaos in Guilty Gear?

Happy Chaos, who was mentioned in Guilty Gear Xrd‘s story, is a Valentine created by That Man / Asuka as a substitute to Jack-O if Sol failed to make her fuse with Justice. He was never visually revealed, until today’s new story gameplay from Guilty Gear Strive.

Interestingly, Happy Chaos is a male character despite all the Aria clones / Valentines so far being female (Valentine, Elphelt, Ram, Jack-o).

In Guilty Gear Strive‘s story mode’s first chapter, we see that Happy Chaos was sealed inside Ariels, and I-no liberates him. Happy Chaos seems to play the role of the primary antagonist in the game, and his personality matches his name.

You can see I-no freeing Happy Chaos from Ariels at the beginning of Guilty Gear Strive chapter 1, shown at the 10:40 mark of the showcase:

Will Guilty Gear Strive have DLC characters?

Arc System Works already confirmed Guilty Gear Strive has a season pass with five characters. The DLC schedule was revealed on the showcase:

  • The first character will release in July 2021, and is a brand new playable character following Nagoriyuki and Giovanna
  • A second DLC character releases in August 2021, is a character who was already playable in the past games
  • Three more characters at an unknown date starting Fall 2021. Alongside two battle stages and an “Another Story” episode

Though free updates, Guilty Gear Strive will also add:

  • Combo Maker: A mode that allows players to share their combo online
  • Player Match Room Customization
  • Digital Figure mode: Create dioramas and take pictures of the characters

(Japanese dub)

GGST – Which brand new characters are coming in DLC?

It’s very likely Happy Chaos and That Man / Asuka will be playable. We might also see Bedman’s sister becoming a playable character too, as she was teased at the end of the Xrd storyline. Lastly, we have several characters who appeared in the story from the beginning but who could finally become playable now, like Aria, or Gabriel (Potemkin’s boss in case you’ve forgotten).

Guilty Gear Strive will be launching on June 11 on PC via Steam, PS4, and PS5. Which characters do you think are coming as DLC? You can share your predictions with me on Twitter at @A_iyane07.

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