Has PlayStation Acquired Bluepoint Games As Well As Housemarque?

PlayStation and Bluepoint Games will seemingly become as close as family members soon enough.

Now, we all know that Housemarque, the team behind Returnal, is officially a part of the PlayStation Studios. Mostly focused on roguelike titles, Housemarque is best known for its most recent PS5-exclusive game that was the studio’s very first attempt in developing a triple-A game.

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While it seems to be Sony’s big news for closing in June 2021, apparently there is another acquisition on the way that could be announced in the near future officially.

Returnal – Gameplay Trailer



Returnal – Gameplay Trailer






The PlayStation Bluepoint Games Acquisition Could be Announced Soon

Today, soon after the official PlayStation account on Twitter revealed the acquisition of Housemarque Games, Sony’s Japan Studio shared an image as well to congratulate the addition of a new team to the PlayStation Studios, but there was something wrong with the image.

Instead of putting the Housemarque Games logo next to the PlayStation Studios, the image showcased the Bluepoint Games’ logo next to the PlayStation Studios brand.

The tweet was deleted immediately, but it was spotted by many users at the time. Although it’s not official yet, it could be proven easily that the Bluepoint acquisition would be announced in the near future. You may accidentally upload a wrong image, but you cannot accidentally create an image and put Bluepoint Games’ logo inside it instead of that of Housemarque. They neither look nor sound similar.

Bluepoint Games has been working closely with Sony on remaking the older titles like Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls, but if they get acquired by Sony, they might get enough budget to work on their own new IP.

Both Bluepoint Games and Housemarque launched their latest titles earlier this year, and both received favorable feedback from fans and reviewers. Housemarque’s team will be expanded for their next project which is apparently bigger than Returnal.

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