Here Are the EverQuest Patch Notes For February 2021

Here are the highlights for the most recent EverQuest patch notes.

It’s hard to believe that EverQuest is still around, but the fact that it is makes me happy. It launched back in 1999 as the very first 3D animated MMORPG, so hearing that the game is still playable and has an active monthly player count of roughly 29,000 fills me with nostalgic joy. Currently, servers are down for maintenance and an update so in the meantime, here are the EverQuest patch notes for February.

The update to the official EverQuest forum breaks down the patch into nine different categories: items, quests & events, spells, NPCs, mercenaries, collections, overseer, miscellaneous, and UI. Here are the biggest changes.


The item updates help rebalance a few things and add some better descriptive text.

“-Made changes to many items that have unlimited charges and instant-cast spells attached:
– Added tribute to the Item Display Window.
– Corrected an issue where the bandolier wouldn’t allow you to swap between sets of lore-equipped items that had a conflict with each other.
– Many illusion potions have had their spell descriptions adjusted to make more sense.
– Added descriptive text to Skyshrine Dragon Brazier to indicate it teleports you to Cobalt Scar.
– Fixed an issue with the Contract of the Othmir where it wouldn’t remove itself from your inventory after being used.”

Quests & Events

While most changes here are for specific questlines, here are the big overall changes.

“- Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent players from zoning out of a dynamic zone.
– The Conflagration Generals – Changed the filter for the zone-wide message that occurs when a whorling wildfire is hit with the proper spell. The message will now be displayed through the Direct Damage (Others) filter.”


There are only a few changes to spells. This is the entire list:

“- We removed Mount Blessing Kala from all players. If you are on live, or a progression server that has reached Torment of Velious, you may re-click your mount to gain the buff again.
– Corrected an issue where Quick Time could sometimes cause spells to become locked out.
– Magician – Fixed several errors in Claws of Veeshan spell descriptions that create items.”

You can find the entire list of EverQuest patch notes on the official website right here. For more on MMORPGs make to stick right here on DualShockers.

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