How to Watch The Final Fantasy XIV (New Expansion) Announcement

Here’s how to watch the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase tonight, where Square Enix will very likely reveal the MMORPG’s next expansion.

Square Enix is holding a special announcement stream for Final Fantasy XIV tonight, which is more than likely the announcement of a brand new expansion, so here’s how to watch it.

When does the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase Begins

First off, the presentation will be starting today, February 5, at 08:30 PM ET (Click here for a table with other time zones). It’s unclear for now how long the event will be, but we’re definitely looking for several hours of stream.

Where to watch the Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase

First off, you have the usual Twitch stream, which is accessible here. This is the first stream we’re listing because during events like these, Twitch streams tend to be a few seconds ahead of others.

Next, we have the official YouTube stream, which is embedded below:

Lastly, for weebs and those who master the moon runes, you could also watch the stream on Niconico because why not. That one too tends to be ahead of YouTube, but you probably won’t get an optimal experience unless you’ve been paying for a Niconico premium account. In any case, the Niconico Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase is accessible here.

On a related note, the producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida is also the producer of the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. Seeing the overall incredible quality of FF XIV so far, and Yoshida’s new positions, many FF XIV players are worried future expansions might be washed down. In favor of FF XVI‘s development. We’ll see how it goes.

Final Fantasy XVI has no release date, but Square Enix already revealed multiple character, story and world details on the game. The upcoming anime adaptation of The World Ends With You also received a new trailer.

Stay tuned on DualShockers as we’ll have a report on the announcement up as soon as possible.

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