Is she a new Agent Coming to the Game?

Valorant Episode 3 is fast approaching, and every player is eager to learn something about the new agent. Officially, Valorant didn’t reveal much about the upcoming agent, but the community is already using its imagination to create a new agent on its own.

Riot Games’ Valorant is a popular first-person shooter that flaunts several unique agents. Interestingly, every agent in the game comes with different abilities and plays a role in the unrevealed Valorant lore.

Currently, Valorant flaunts 15 amazing agents, and the developers promised to release a new agent in each Act. However, instead of the 16th agent, Riot introduced the new “Breeze” map in Episode 2: Act 3. Anyway, to make up for the last time, the devs confirmed a new agent for the upcoming Episode 3.

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Episode 2 Act III Gameplay Trailer – VALORANT



Episode 2 Act III Gameplay Trailer – VALORANT





Valorant Nora: Is she a new agent?

Recently, an image of the new “Nora” agent is making rounds on the internet. But sadly, no, she isn’t a new Valorant agent.

Apparently, Nora is a concept art created by Kai Chang, who has done an incredible job to bring this character to life.

Chang posted his concept art on ArtStation, and the community went insane by looking at this masterpiece.

The description of this Valorant agent says that she is a member of the kingdom company, and “she is reasonable to know the truth about the parallel world.” Her objective is to take back the Radiant from another Earth, and that’s why she’s ready to join the fight.

We can see Nora holding the Marshal sniper rifle and flexing her mysterious abilities in the concept art. Honestly, Kai Chang’s art looks so incredible that the Valorant community wants her to be an actual agent in the game.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Nora would actually arrive in Valorant as a new agent. So, the only thing we can do is look at this amazing fan art and appreciate the work of talented Kai Chang.

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