Kojima Doesn’t Like the Director’s Cut Title on Death Stranding

In a recent tweet, Hideo Kojima admits that the Death Stranding Director’s Cut naming is wrong and it shouldn’t be called Director’s Cut.

There are no doubts that Hideo Kojima is a great writer, director, and game developer in the industry who have been working on quality titles for decades now.

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Back in 2019, the developer launched his latest title, Death Stranding, exclusively on PS4, which then followed by a PC launch after almost six months.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Pre-order Trailer



Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Pre-order Trailer






Kojima Believes the Game Should Not Be Called Director’s Cut

Recently, Sony officially unveiled the PS5 version of the game which is called Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but it seems Kojima himself doesn’t like Sony’s taste in naming this new edition of the game.

Earlier today, Hideo Kojima shared a new tweet where he explains why he thinks the game should not be called Director’s Cut.

This is probably a red flag for the relationship between Sony and Kojima, where the developer tries to imply indirectly that he has not been involved in the naming process of the PS5 version of Death Stranding.

Previously, there were a bunch of rumors hinting at a possible collaboration between Kojima and Xbox. Now, with this new tweet from Kojima, it seems there really is some tensions between him and Sony that might make it tough for reaching a new agreement for another partnership.

Death Stranding is now available on PS4 and PC. The Director’s Cut version of the game will only be releasing on PS5 later this year.

That being said, since 505 Games holds the publishing rights for the PC version of Death Stranding, PC players might also receive this update in the future.

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