Nintendo Eshop Maintenance (Today, April 6)

Nintendo announced an emergency maintenance of the Eshop servers, with the shop staying offline for several hours now, when will it get back online?

Update: The Nintendo Eshop servers went back online on 10:10 AM ET. Our original story is still included below.

What happened with the Eshop servers?

Nintendo, first through the Japanese customer service Twitter, announced a sudden “emergency maintenance” of the Nintendo Eshop servers on Tuesday, April 6 2021, 5:40 AM ET / 2:40 AM PT / 10:40 GMT.

In other words, right now the Eshop is inaccessible on Switch, and you cannot buy or download new games digitally until the maintenance ends.

The network status English page also states the maintenance is still ongoing. No specific reason was given by Nintendo to justify the sudden maintenance, but it’s important to note that while it’s an “emergency” maintenance, it’s not necessarily some kind of dire problem.

The Nintendo Switch had its Ver 12.0.0 update a few hours ago, so it’s likely this maintenance was scheduled in concordance with that update. It’s also possible the Ver 12.0.0 update created some kind of unforeseen bug with the Eshop that needed correction as soon as possible.

When will the Nintendo Eshop maintenance end?

For now, no time estimate for the end of the maintenance has been shared by Nintendo, so you can only wait. However it’s important to note that while the Nintendo Eshop is down, it’s not like the games’ online servers themselves are down, so you can still play Monster Hunter Rise with your friends.

Moreover, it’s interesting to note that at 9:23 AM ET, the Japanese customer service twitter shared another update. Stating “We apologize the maintenance is still ongoing. We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask for your patience.”. Meaning it doesn’t look like the maintenance is ending soon.

We’ll be sure to notify you as soon as possible once the Eshop maintenance ends.

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