Nioh 2 Recieves Patch Full of Bug Fixes on PS4

Get ready for The Nioh Collection on the PS5 with Nioh 2’s latest patch.

The two Nioh games are full of frustrations and triumphs as they pride themselves on being challenging, skill-based role-playing games akin to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series and the more easily comparable Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As of yesterday patch notes for version 1.24 of Nioh 2 have been released.

Announced through a tweet by Team NINJANioh‘s developer, the patch notes for Nioh 2 come just five days before The Nioh Collection releases on February 5. The patch fixes multiple bug issues that have been reported by players and makes some adjustments to the game. The adjustments include two fixes to the game’s menus, a fix that stops Kodama from hiding from the player, and adjustments to a handful of bosses that make them easier to Burst Counter.

The bug fixes and game rebalancing is all well and good, but the big deal in the 1.24 patch has to do with Nioh‘s save system. 1.24 allows players to cross-save between their PS4 consoles and their PS5s. This is to help those who are planning on buying The Nioh Collection transfer their save data to their next-gen consoles. The Nioh Collection contains remastered versions of Nioh and Nioh 2 and is headed to the PS5 as well as PC.

Unfortunately for those wanting to jump from the PS4 to their PCs, a cross-save feature between the two platforms isn’t available at this time. The Nioh 2 patch notes do specify that saves can be transferred both from the PS4 to the PS5 as well as backwards from the PS5 to the PS4. However, it’s unclear if the new cross-save functionality will work with the original Nioh. The Nioh 2 patch notes don’t say anything on that front, but if it isn’t a feature with this new patch, it’s safe to assume that one might be coming for the original game.

For more on Nioh and The Nioh Collection, make sure to check out this article looking at the game captured at 60fps on a PS5.

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