Pokemon GO Codes up For Grabs at February’s Pokemon GO: Kanto Tour

20 codes will be available for lucky Trainers.

Pokemon GO’s newest event, Pokemon GO: Kanto Tour, is just around the corner. The follow up to the game’s last giant event, Pokemon GO Fest 2020, will give players the opportunity to participate in a load of great activities. As well as that, Niantic has just announced players will have a chance to win some special promotional Pokemon GO Codes during the event.

What is Pokemon GO Kanto Tour?

Pokemon GO Kanto Tour is a ticketed event that’s set to take place on February 20, this year. It offers players the opportunity to choose either the Red or Green version of the event. Based on the players choice, they will then have the opportunity to encounter a range of Pokemon from the Kanto Region.

Across both versions of the event, players will have the opportunity to capture every Pokemon from the original games and for the first time ever, they will all be released in their shiny forms. This includes both Shiny Ditto and Shiny Mew. These two Pokemon will require players to complete special Research Stories, however.

Alongside the Pokemon, the event will offer a range of new Tasks, Raids and Collection Challenges for players to complete.

Pokemon GO Kanto Tour Codes

Alongside the events, Niantic has announced Trainers will have the opportunity to earn special promotional codes. To be in with a chance, Niantic says “Have a favorite green hat or red shirt you’re planning on wearing? Post a photo on Twitter of you wearing clothes representing your version using either #PokemonGOTourRed or #PokemonGOTourGreen from Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Wednesday, February 17, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. PST.”

After the competition closing date, they will draw 20 winners from random. Players must be 18+ to enter.

Pokemon GO Kanto Tour Code Rewards

For those lucky enough to be selected as a winner, Niantic has a set of nice prizes. The prize pack includes 50 Poké Balls, six Max Revives, and three Incense.

Be sure to purchase your ticket as the event is now just a few days away!

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