Pokemon GO May Community Day 2021 Leak Points to “Cotton-Winged Bird”

As far as the Pokemon GO monthly calendar goes, Community Days are always a highlight.

While the events this year have hardly set the world alight, with Machop, Roselia, Flechling and Snivy featuring, it’s still a fun day with the opportunity to catch plenty of shiny Pokemon and the occassional 100% IV monster.

Next month’s event is already set in the calendar for May 15, however, Niantic has yet to reveal the Pokemon.

However, thanks to Reddit, we may have just got our first glimpse at what’s in store.

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GO Beyond: The Pokémon GO journey continues beyond






What Pokemon does the Pokemon GO May Community Day Leak Point towards?

According to martycochrane, a Pokemon GO data miner and member of TheSilphRoad subreddit, the Pokemon in question is none other than Swablu.

After diving into the code for the latest update, martycochrane revealed the identity of the Pokemon and its special ticketed event which is titled “Cotton-Winged Bird”.

Why is Swablu Significant?

Well, for PVP players, especially in the Pokemon GO Great League, Swablu’s evolved form, Altaria, is very prevalent.

It’s rated as the sixth best Pokemon in the league by PVP Poke and it has the ability to pick up big wins against some of the league’s most competitive Pokemon including Swampert and Alolan Marowak.

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In the mainline Pokemon series, Altaria had the ability to learn a huge range of moves – something which could translate incredibly well to this Community Day.

While Reddit user throwaway_44896778 has suggested that Feather Dance could be the featured move after it was added to the game this year, others have stated it could also learn moves such as Disarming Voice, Earthquake or even Moonblast.

We’ll be sure to update you as and when this Pokemon GO Community Day leak is confirmed by Niantic.

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