Pokimane Called Hate-Watcher By Mizkif, xQc For Watching Gambling

In the most recent Twitch drama, a couple of leading streamers have called out Pokimane for watching gambling streams on her recent live stream. If you have been following the Twitch scene lately, you might be well aware of the ongoing debate against gambling streams.

The Twitch streaming community stands divided on this issue, with some leading streamers supporting them, while others are calling them sketchy. Amidst all that, popular Twitch Streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys came lashing down upon these gambling partnerships.

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Speaking about streamers who partner with gambling sites, she added that these streamers were “already multi-millionaires” to begin with, so they could easily rely on other sources of income, considering that these partnerships might not be ethically or morally worth it according to her.

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Pokimane Called Out by Mizkif and xQc For Watching Gambling Streams

Amidst that, we have a new drama popping out of absolutely nowhere. In one of her recent live streams, we can see her watching popular Twitch streamer Hafu. As it can be seen from the video, the streamer was playing Sweet Bonanza, which is an online slot made by Pragmatic Play.

Eager fans quickly noticed this, and so did other popular streamers. It all started with Mizkif stating that Pokimane is a hate-watcher as she was watching a gambling streamer while preaching that she totally hates gambling.

Soon after that xQc also reacted to the clip as well, where he zooms in to the video running on Pokimane’s background and shows the chat that she was watching a gambling stream.

The community stands divided on this, as many believe this was just a random video running on her background and Pokimane doesn’t endorse such kind of stuff. On the contrary, others do believe that considering how vocal Pokimane was about the entire gambling scene, she should have been more cautious about it. It will be interesting to see how Pokimane reacts to this.

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