Resident Evil 8: Village – Is There a PS4 Demo? April 2021

We keep seeing more of Resident Evil Village but there’s been some confusion over its demos. Is there a PS4 demo for the game?

Today, IGN showed off five minutes of footage of Resident Evil Village running on a PS4 Pro.

The footage looks great, but some people are confused over where the game will be playable and if a demo exists on the PS4.

Luckily, I’ve got all the facts, so here’s everything you need to know about the Resident Evil Village demo on the PS4.

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Resident Evil Village Demo PS4

Let’s clear everything up right now: currently, there is no Resident Evil Village PS4 or PS4 Pro demo. It’s a little curious why the footage was chosen to be shown off was from a PS4 Pro other than perhaps to show players what to expect from the game on last-generation hardware.

Not to worry though. While the Maiden demo was a PlayStation 5 exclusive, it seems like Capcom is interested in getting more demos to other platforms. in the future.

In January they tweeted, “The PlayStation 5 Maiden demo is now live! Don’t forget, a multiplatform demo is coming this spring.” It’s currently unclear if they’re planning on bringing over the Maiden demo to other platforms or if it’s going to be a new demo entirely.

Spring is officially in full swing so we can expect a demo announcement hopefully sometime soon.

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