Shiny Fletchling Teased for Pokemon GO March Community Day 2021

Here’s the information you need to know, with some of our best guesses for March Community Day 2021.

Niantic loves to add an air of mystery to their announcements. Most recently, they posted a cryptic tweet, pointing towards the direction of the March 2021 Community Day in Pokemon GO. The tweet displayed an image of some small bird footprints and was followed up by a further tweet claiming “was first discovered in the Kalos region!” This has led fans to guess that Fletchling will be the Pokemon GO March 2021 Community Day Pokemon – but what cant we expect?

What is Fletchling and what are its evolutions?

Fletchling is a small Normal and Flying-type Pokemon. Its first evolution, Fletchinder, turns the Pokemon from Normal and Flying-type to Fire and Flying-type, opening up a range of new possibilities. Fletchinder itself then evolves into Talonflame, the Pokemon who will likely be benefitting from the special community day move.

Shiny Fletchling family – Pokemon GO

Of course, one of the exciting features of Community Days is the ability to encounter Shiny Pokemon far more frequently, and March’s Community Day will be no different. Sadly, this time out, the featured Pokemon won’t be getting any drastic colour palette changes.

Fletchling is a red and pale blue bird, who, when in its shiny form shifts to a slightly more orangey hue. This goes for the whole Fletchling line, with both Fletchinder and Talonflame’s changes equally as modest.

Possible Community Day Move for Talonflame

Alongside the increased shiny rates, the other benefit of Community Day is the ability for a Pokemon to learn moves it wouldn’t usually learn. This can have big implications on both the Pokemon GO PVP and PVE meta.

While Talonflame doesn’t have its own signature move like some Pokemon, there are some interesting possibilities for new moves. Recently, Niantic has gone a little crazy with the Community Day moves, giving Pokemon something slightly out of the left field. Like Roserade getting Weather Ball in March.

That leaves the door wide open for Talonflame. Some immediate guesses I have are U-Turn (which is a Bug-type move), Steel Wing or even Solar Beam, which it can learn in the mainline games and would help combat its weakness to Water-types.

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