The Internet Is Broken – Is Twitch, Reddit, and Amazon Down?

The world has awoken to absolute chaos as it appears that large parts of the internet are currently offline. Thankfully, only certain websites are being affected by the ongoing outage, so is Twitch, Reddit, and your other favourite websites down?

Although this outage appears to only be affecting certain websites, unfortunately, these are some of the biggest sites in the world. Here’s which websites have been affected by the outage.

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Worldwide Internet Outage

On June 8, 2021, the Internet appears to have broken itself. Various sites around the world have been affected, most importantly are government run websites.

When users attempt to access the website affected by the outage, they are likely to be greeted with an ‘Error 503’ message.

According to Sky News, the global online content delivery network (CDN) is a US-based firm currently investigating the situation.

According to the US firm and Sky News, they are “currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN services”.

So, which of your favourite sites have been affected by the outage?

Is Twitch, Reddit, and Amazon Down?

As of writing, Twitch is currently down for many users across the world. Although some users are reporting the website to be working, it appears to be with limited functionality.

For many, however, trying to access Twitch is greeting users with an ‘Error 503’ message or “Fastly error: unknown domain:”.

The same goes for websites such as Reddit and Amazon, although they may be accessible to some users around the world, it appears to be rather glitchy and unstable.

If you are able to access these websites, you’re one of the lucky ones!

When Will They Be Back Online?

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when your favourite websites such as Twitch and Reddit will be fully operational again. As this appears to be a rather large issue, it may take some time.

However, we can’t imagine the internet to be offline for an extended period of time. I mean, what would we do? Read a book?

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