The Witcher Season 2 Could be Closer Than We Think Due to Twitter Tease

Excited about some potential Netflix The Witcher Season 2 news? You could be in luck as the official Twitter account has given fans a little tease.

Witcher fans will know that today is the day where they could possibly see a brand new trailer for season two on Netflix. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, Geek Week is halfway through its event but not before revealing something The Witcher related.









If you can’t wait that long for some gossip, The Witcher’s official Twitter account has today Tweeted out at Netflix’s The Witcher asking if they were free on July 9th in a cryptic message. Generally speaking, most Netflix shows decide to air on a Friday so could this possibly be a release date for Season two?

The Witcher Season 2 arriving even sooner?

Naturally, the comment section of the Tweet has everyone up in arms wondering what the heck is happening.

Many are assuming that this confirms that our favourite Witcher cast members will be gracing our screens on July 9th, just under a month away while others are more cautious stating that Netflix has already said season two will be out in Q4 this year.

I think personally the most logical answer would be that this is when we get to hear of the actual release date after seeing an exciting trailer at today’s Geeked Week presentation. Of course, stranger things have happened and the show could pop up next month but it seems very unlikely.

When season two does finally come to Netflix, it will have been almost two years since the first season ended but if you’re anything like me, you have already watched it over again at least three times already.

We will keep you up to date on the meaning of July 9th for Netflix’s The Witcher but in the meantime, make sure to tune in today at 9 am PT, 12 pm ET right here to see what is planned next.

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