Twitch Changes /me Command And Infuriates Community

On April 28, Twitch tweeted the announcement that the /me chat command would be changing in order to reduce the potential for abuse on their platform. The community were not impressed with the decision to focus on what many deemed a “useless change”.

DualShockers has everything you need to know about the /me command on Twitch, including what’s new about it, and why the community isn’t happy with the change.

You can check out the official announcement regarding the change below, direct from the official Twitch Support account.

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What IS The /me Command?

The /me command on Twitch doesn’t really serve much of a purpose. When used in a streamers chat, it would highlight the message with the same colour associated with the commenters name.

Its purpose was to make messages stand out abit more for chatters to get noticed by streamers.

However, Twitch decided that the command needed to be changed after some viewers were taking advantage of the command and abusing it.

As you can see from the response below, the main issue with the command was that people were attempting to lie about donating money to streamers. However, it appears that the change has made no difference.

Tweet courtesy of @Kynaeus

What’s The Difference?

Following the recent change to the /me command by Twitch, the command now simply italicizes the message instead of coloring the message in.

Ultimately, a very minor change that didn’t need an announcement from Twitch. This change ultimately sent the community into frustration, and rightly so.

Twitter Reacts

The changing of the /me command on Twitch wasn’t the problem, many were frustrated that Twitch were making such a big deal out of such a small problem. The popular streaming platform has various issues that the community feel should have been resolved before the simple change of a /me command.

As you can tell by the replies below, many were not happy about the change for various reasons. Some replies were also quick to mention the ongoing controversy surrounding ‘hot tub streams’ on the platform. Users weren’t happy with Twitch prioritizing a simple command over what some deem as ‘sexual content’ on a family-friendly site.

Tweet courtesy of @SirKatelyn
Tweet courtesy of @mmmtayyters
Tweet courtesy of @PsychePlays

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