What Is Hyper Roll In TFT?

Here’s everything you need to know about TFT’s newest game mode, Hyper Roll!

Maybe you’re short on time, or maybe you want to a meaningful way to play with your friends, or maybe you just want to slam re-roll again and again and again.

The all-new TFT Labs are Riot’s first step to bring an experimental way to play the game.

Read more to learn about the first of these new labs, TFT Hyper Roll, and how its Ranked system works.

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What Is TFT Hyper Roll?

Hyper Roll is the first of the TFT Labs which is a part of the game’s fifth set, namely Reckoning. According to TFT’s Game Design Lead, they may stick around for a bit and later make room for newer ones, or stay for longer if they become wildly popular.

The main objective of TFT Hyper Roll is to get you in and out of a game within 15 minutes. This new mode is targeted towards those either looking for a quicker and fast-paced TFT experience or just finish a game as early as possible.

How Does Hyper Roll Work In TFT?

The new rules of the game are that you start with 10 health, and you lose 1 HP every time you lose a round. Later in the game, that jumps up to two or even three HP per loss.

The other changes are:

  1. Little Legends have 20 HP and suffer 2 damage per loss for the first 4 stages which increases to 4 from stages 5 to 7 and 6 after stage 8. They also automatically level up at each stage’s start.
  2. While the starting carousel remains, the Carousel isn’t a part of TFT Hyper Roll.
  3. Armory opens at the start from stages 4 to 6, letting you pick one of two item components.
  4. Instead of 1 Gold 1, you gain 2 Gold 2 per victory. There’s also no gold bonuses from win or loss streaks.
  5. A few Champions and Traits have been adjusted to match the gameplay differences for this new mode.

How Does The Ranked System Work For The New Mode?

While Riot still wants you to climb a ladder to “showoff that you are the best Hyper Roll player out there“, they want to reserve existing Ranked tiers for the core gameplay. This means that TFT Hyper Roll and other labs will have their own Ranked system.

The tiers are as follows:

  1. Grey
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Hyper

Players will benefit from Ranked rewards based on their highest rating they achieve at each stage starting from the blue tier. TFT Hyper Roll will also grant a flat 50 XP per game, but it is possible to complete missions for XP in the mode as well.

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