What Is Valorant HRTF Audio? Enhancements Spotted in Patch 2.06

It seems Riot Games will finally add the Valorant HRTF audio to the game with the next update.

It’s not even a year since Valorant’s launch, but the game has already reached an incredible popularity among gamers and streamers.

Similar to League of Legends, Riot Games has a long-term plan for supporting Valorant with new content and improving the overall competitive experience. For now, the next upcoming improvement seems to be the HRTF audio.

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What is the Valorant HRTF Audio?

HRTF stands for Head-Related Transfer Function, which is a response that determines how an ear receives a sound from a point in space.

Simply put, in video games, the HRTF audio turns the player’s headphone into a 3D audio space, helping him to find out the source of the sound inside the game as if the player is using a virtual reality headset.

Back in October 2020, Riot Games teased the addition of HRTF audio to Valorant, however, up until now the service is still unavailable in the game, but a mistake from Riot Games in sharing the update 2.06 patch notes earlier than the due time.

Although the patch notes are now unavailable on the official website, some users on Reddit managed to took a few screen shots from the patch, which includes the a line indicating:

– New Audio Setting: “Enable HRTF”

– Description: “When enabled, this provides better 3D spatialization of sounds by approximating an average head shape for the listener which affects how sounds naturally reach the ears.”

Valorant is now available for free on PC. A few weeks earlier, Riot Games added a brand new playable character, Astra, to the game.

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