Who is Pete Davidson in Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is back and all signs point to this one being a quality movie.

Today, we got a more extended look at the upcoming DC film The Suicide Squad in the form of a three minute red band trailer.

Among other characters and actors, we got to see more of Pete Davidson as BlackGuard and he’s looking great.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pete Davidson in The Suicide Squad and his character BlackGuard.

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Who is Pete Davidson’s Character in The Suicide Squad?

Pete Davidson is staring in The Suicide Squad alongside a laundry list of huge stars. His character, BlackGuard, however, is one to keep an eye on when the movie finally comes out.

Sporting black leather and guns strapped to his chest, BlackGuard is a DC villain dating back to the 1980s. In the comics, BlackGuard also known as Dick Hertz is a skilled fighter trained by The 1,000. After losing a fight to Booster Gold, BlackGuard was electrocuted and ended up with energy manipulating powers.

It’s unclear if BlackGuard will have the same electricity powers in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but he seems like he might be playing a big part in the story based on his prominence in the trailers.

Who is Pete Davidson?

If you’re not aware, Pete Davidson is an actor and comedian from New York City. He recently starred in a semi-autobiographical film last year, King of Staten Island, and is currently a cast member on Saturday Night Live where he’s been since 2014.

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