Why has 100 Thieves Twitch Streamer Tommey Been Banned? Here’s What We Know

Why has Tommey been banned from Twitch?

Twitch streamers can never seem to stray too far away from some kind of trouble. In the spotlight today is 100 Thieves streamer Tommey, who has himself been banned from Twitch. The ban was first shared on the SteamerBans Twitter account before Tommey commented himself.

Who Is Tommey?

Tommey is an incredibly popular British streamer and Call of Duty esports pro. He is currently signed for one of the most famous teams, 100 Thieves. He has been playing Call of Duty at a very high level for some time now, competing in tournaments for the original Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.

Alongside streaming, Tommey has a popular YouTube channel and also has over 155k followers on Twitter and 18k followers on Instagram.

Why Was Tommey Banned and What has Transpired?

Today, February 23, Tommey just tweeted out “Well, this sucks?” Clearly pertaining to the ban he just received. This followed a report from the StreamerBans Twitter account.

According to Dexerto, Tommey said that the ban was for “releasing non-sensitive personal information on VOD.” This could be classed by Twitch as doxing, and therefore be a relatively series problem. It’s unlikely Tommey would jeopardise his career for something like this, and so it was most likely something he accidentally said.

The ban will last for 14-days from today until February 27.

What Happens Next?

Tommey followed up his initial tweet, saying:

“I received a very vague reason without any clip or context. This not only ruins the progress and growth we were making but also stops me from competing in any form of WZ tournament and also playing with anyone who’s streaming on Twitch. No clue what to do.”

The streamer and esports pro is clearly, and rightly upset and hopefully the issues between Twitch and himself get resolved sooner rather than later and normal service can be resumed.

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