Can You Play As a Deer? April Fools Day 2021 Tweet Explored

All around the world, companies lick their lips as April 1 approaches.

The date, which is of course April Fools Day, allows them to pull all kinds of pranks on fans, viewers, readers or whomever else interacts with them.

Over the years we have seen some awesome pranks, including unusual new product announcements and suspicious game reveals and this year looks no different.

One of the games which may, or may not be getting in on the act is one of this year’s runaway successes, Valheim. Let’s explore their recent tweet.

What is Valheim?

Valheim is an open-world Viking-RPG developed by Iron Gate.

The game released in February and has already gone on to sell over six million copies, despite only being in early access.

This has caused a snowball effect. More people talking about the game, means more people become interested and therefore more people purchase!

The game allows players to fight a variety of monsters, including some very sneaky trolls, build their own humble abodes and craft a range of items.

Things are looking good for fans too, with Iron Gate laying out a roadmap of content that is still to come – and there’s plenty.

So, what did they tweet?

From the official Valheim Twitter account, Iron Gate tweeted:

“Introducing deer as a playable species in Valheim! What will you name your deerking?”

The text was accompanied by an image of the new creature’s characteristics and skills.

These included:

  • Sometimes your character will switch direction while running.
  • Your character cannot attack, interact with objects or use tools
  • Any vegetation in the game is now edible.

Is this a Valheim April Fools Day prank or can you play as a deer?

No, unfortunately not. As much fun as it would be, this is certainly an attempt by Valheim at an April Fools Day prank and, for a first effort, it’s not a bad one!

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