Can You Upgrade the DIE Shockwave in Cold War Outbreak Duga? How Do You Upgrade it?

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone have just undergone some of their biggest changes to date. Warzone has seen a range of map changes, new weapons, bunkers and more and Cold War has just received a new Outbreak Zombies mode. As is always the case with Call of Duty Zombies, there is plenty of undead, Easter Eggs and Wonder Weapons – one of which is DIE Shockwave, which makes its return from DIE Maschine. While the weapon can be upgraded in DIE Maschine, Can you upgrade the DIE Shockwave in Cold War Outbreak? Let’s take a look at what we know.

How do you get the DIE Shockwave in Cold War Outbreak?

There are a handful of ways to get the DIE Shockwave in Cold War Outbreak. First, players can try their luck, hitting Mystery Boxes. Second, players can complete the trial challenges at the different challenge machines located around the Outbreak map. Third, players will have to take down some by defeating Megaton Zombies – these appear at wave four after completing four challenges. Finally, players can complete Golden Loot Chest challenges which have a chance of dropping Wonder Weapons and DIE Shockwave specifically.

DUGA Upgrade

Previously, players were unable to upgrade DIE Shockwave, however, this has changed with the new Duga region.

Once players have the weapon, they should make their way to the huge radar/scaffolding type structure. From there, they need to climb to the top and head to the far side where they will find a green box.

Simply clicking this box will upgrade the weapon!

The info below is now outdated.

Can you Upgrade the DIE Shockwave in Cold War Outbreak?

So far, it really doesn’t look like it. Getting the upgrade in DIE Maschine required players to complete specific sections of that levels Easter Egg – something which isn’t present here. There’s nothing to say that an upgrade Easter Egg won’t be added at a later date, but Sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s in the game right now. This theory is also backed up currently by people via Reddit.

As for how do you get it? Well, you can’t.

What are the other Wonder Weapons in Cold War Outbreak?

There are three Wonder Weapons currently available in Cold War Outbreak. You have the Ray Gun, which has been present in many years in Call of Duty Zombies, the RAIK-84, which recently appeared in Firebase Z, and of course, the DIE Shockwave.

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