DayZ Update 1.12 – Patch Notes and Release Date

Earlier this month, Bohemia Interactive shared the initial experimental version of update 1.12, but today, the developer announced that DayZ 1.12 patch notes along with the update itself will be available tomorrow on April 2.

Bohemia Interactive is mostly known for its Arma trilogy, which is a popular action shooter series simulating military wars. However, the studio moved its focus on different genres in the previous years.

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DayZ is one of the latest efforts from the Bohemia Interactive team that drops you into a post-apocalyptic world, where you need to survive as long as you can.

DayZ Update 1.12 Release Date and Time

According to a recent tweet from the official account of the game on Twitter, DayZ update 1.12 will be shared officially on April 20 at 12 pm CEST/6 am EST. While the final patch notes are yet to arrive, you can have a look at previously shared experimental notes down below.

DayZ 1.12 Patch Notes (Experimental)

Combat Against the Infected:

  • The infected attack much faster and their attacks are harder to interrupt (depending on which weapon is used against them).
  • Melee attacks on the infected are much more consistent when it comes to the number of hits needed to take one down.
  • Most of the bullets have a stopping effect on the infected, causing them to struggle every time they get hit.
  • The infected’s senses and various noise sources were tweaked to promote a stealthy approach.
  • Stealthy takedowns of the infected are now much more consistent to execute and are possible with a variety of sharp melee weapons.
  • Suppressed weapons no longer aggravate the infected as quickly (depending on the weapon caliber used).
  • The infected no longer engage unconscious players, giving them a second chance.
  • Interacting with doors will warn the infected located within the vicinity (i.e. produces noise for the AI).

Combat Against Players:

  • Major pass on weapon properties such as dispersion, durability, and recoil with factors such as magazine size and type (internal / external), ammo type, weapon inventory size, suppression (or not), and rarity in the world.
  • Major balancing pass on ammunition, where we looked at the initial damage (health, shock), how fast it changes values during flight, and how much it loses once it goes through the target. We have also taken rarity into account, making sure the stronger it is, the rarer it is (already part of 1.11 loot re-balance).
  • Bullet impacts dealing heavy shock will now cause the player’s character to stumble (losing mobility for a short period of time).
  • Gear with ballistic properties reduces damage to health more than before, thus allowing for more firefights to end in an unconscious state. 
  • Firearm shot audibility has been adjusted for pistols at 250 meters, SMGs and shotguns up to 800 meters, ARs up to 2000 meters, and big caliber rifles up to 3500 meters.


  • Farming is once again possible inside the greenhouses and poly tunnels. Greenhouses offer 9 slots, while poly tunnels offer 13. You can start farming in these by using the appropriate tool to dig slots.
  • Plants grow slower and have varied growth times and yields depending on fertilization materials.
  • Potatoes can now be grown. To eat potatoes, they need to be peeled first.

* The final patch notes will be available tomorrow afternoon (CEST)

DayZ update 1.12 will be available on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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