FFXIV Endwalker Moon Has Breathable Air According to YoshiP

FFXIV Endwalker is the newest expansion of the MMORPG, coming in Fall 2021, and players won’t need to worry about an oxygen gauge on the moon.

Last weekend, Square Enix held an announcement showcase for FFXIV, revealing the new expansion titled Endwalker and how it’ll somehow bring the Warrior of Light to the moon. The announcement showcase also revealed the first details for Endwalker, including the Sage, the newest healer Job in FFXIV. Several Raid Dungeons, new Fields, new Races and characters, were revealed as well.

Once the showcase ended, producer Naoki Yoshida also held a joint interview, most notably with our Japanese peers at 4Gamer, revealing additional details on Endwalker.

In particular, the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker trailer features a shocking final scene where the Warrior of Light is standing on the moon. Needless to say, this triggered various discussions among FFXIV players, wondering how’s that even possible, and if he’s using some kind of magic to breathe.

Turns out the moon in FFXIV Endwalker actually has breathable air. YoshiP confirmed so in the interview.

We translated that part of the interview below:

4Gamer: “So, what kind of gameplay experience can we expect from the moon? Will it just be like any other Field?”

Naoki Yoshida: “Well, in the first place we didn’t explain what the “Moon” will be yet. Whether it’ll be the hidden side of the moon, or whether we’ll be going inside the moon, and such. We will be explaining everything in detail in FFXIV Endwalker, so you will have a good grasp of the moon then. We’re creating a Fantasy world, so we might as well show you what kind of moon we can create with it. So look forward to it. By the way, there is air on the moon. So rest assured, we won’t add something like an oxygen gauge (laughs).”

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Reveal Trailer

The Endwalker extension in Final Fantasy XIV will include two new Jobs, but only the Sage was full detailed. The other Job, a DPS melee role, will be detailed at a later date.

Endwalker will also let FFXIV players travel between Data Centers. This is under development, and further details will be announced soon.

Lastly, Square Enix also revealed FFXIV is coming to PS5, with an Open Beta Test. Dates and details here.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will launch sometime in Fall 2021.

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