Genshin Impact Fan Creates Impressive Zhongli Skins

A huge chunk of the Genshin Impact player base is eagerly waiting for miHoYo to introduce a Skins system to the game, alternate costumes for the characters – meanwhile, several fans have been imagining their own costumes, and this is the case of SOVI(latte), back with another Zhongli skin.

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SOVI(latte) (@soyventilatte on Twitter), is known in the Genshin Impact community for sharing amazing looking skins of the characters, often inspired from Teyvat’s regions, story situations, or private jokes among fans.

Genshin Impact fan made Zhongli Skins

The latest Zhongli fan-made skin pokes fun at how the game portrays him penniless or should I say Moraless, always asking Childe to pay his bills. This became one of the biggest memes in the fandom as well, especially among those who ship Zhongli and Childe together.

When will Genshin Impact add a Skins system?

For one reason or another, this became again a hot question in the community. Several YouTube videos popped these past few days especially, mentioning miHoYo is working on skins.

miHoYo has been working on skins since pre release. As it’s one of the first things that was teased back in August 2020, alongside the Housing system.

While miHoYo has been working on Skins since before the game even released, we still have no release estimate for the system. It’ll definitely come over though, and we can only wait.

Alternate costumes are a staple of games with gacha elements. Even more so in Japanese-stylized games made by Chinese developers. Who might go overboard with them, see the billion of skins in Azur Lane. miHoYo is no stranger to that too with all the skins in GGZ or Honkai Impact 3rd.

How to get Skins in Genshin Impact?

We don’t know yet. Looking at the usual in mobile games though, it’s likely there will be various means to get costumes.

First, there could be some Skins bought directly with Primogems. So you’ll need to buy them with real money essentially. Then, we could have some Events where we’d get Skins for completing them.

Lastly, similarly to games like PSO2, we could get a gacha specifically for costumes parts as rewards. All of this is speculation though. We’ll be sure to tell you as soon as possible when we learn more.

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Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android. The native PS5 version was released on April 28. Alongside the Version 1.5 update of Genshin Impact, Beneath The Light of Jadeite. The PS5 version brings 4K graphics, shorter loading times, further draw distance, among other improvements.

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