Genshin Impact Paimon Frog Suit Fanart Takes Japanese Twitter by Storm

In case you’ve forgotten, Genshin Impact mascot Paimon actually has her own Twitter account we previously introduced. Over there, miHoYo shares exclusive artwork, and recently started a Paimon frog suit trend.

Version 1.6 “Midsummer Island Adventure” Trailer | Genshin Impact



Version 1.6 “Midsummer Island Adventure” Trailer | Genshin Impact





When and how did the Paimon frog trend start?

With the Rainy Season in Japan (June-July), it’s common to see games and anime share official artwork of their characters themed around the weather. In particular, frog suits are especially popular, and characters being depicted wearing them is pretty common.

In mid-June, miHoYo, through the official Paimon account, shared an artwork of the mascot with a frogsuit. Several Japanese artists started following suit.

The tweet that started everything on June 15:

Since then, several Japanese artists have been sharing similar fanart on Twitter. You’ll find more especially by looking at the Japanese #原神 genshin tag and following Paimon’s account. As she regularly retweets some. Keep in mind you should use Advanced Search to filter tweets in Japanese. Because members of the English community tend to use the Japanese tag as well.

You should be following Japanese artists directly as well, as in fact it’s pretty rare for them to actually tag things on Twitter. In any case, I’ve included some of my favorite frog Paimon fanarts below.

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Genshin Impact – Frog Paimon fanart

It’s interesting this enthusiasm for frog Paimon is only blowing up in Japan. Plus, it shows once again many players in the Genshin Impact English community haven’t heard of Paimon’s Twitter account. I believe it’d be nice if the trend caught up in the English fanbase as well. Would be a nice distraction from the mindless discussions that regularly pop up on Genshintwt.

Genshin Impact will be launching Version 1.7 / 2.0 on July 21, adding the Inazuma region and a new gacha banner for Ayaka. This will be the biggest update for the open world JPRG yet.

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