Genshin Impact Wish Simulator Explained

Here’s what you should know about each Genshin Impact Wish Simulator, and how you can test your luck on the ongoing Zhongli banner rerun, with new 4* star character Yanfei.

New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact



New Character Demo – “Yanfei: Legal Expertise” | Genshin Impact





Games with gacha elements always end up receiving gacha banner simulators, where players can try and simulate how many gems, crystals, and possibly money, they’d have to spend to obtain the character or weapon they want.

Now history repeats itself with the Genshin Impact Wish Simulator boom. Several Genshin Impact players across the world have launched their own gacha sim, so we’ve ranked them below, with tips on which one to use.

Genshin Impact English wish Simulator by uzinatorcl

You can access this gacha Wish Simulator here. It’s pretty straightforward and with no need for further explanations. Just note that if you want to try out running simulations for past banners, you can do so as well. While only the current banners are listed on top, all the previous banners can be selected in the drop down menu at the bottom left.

This simulator is the easiest to use in English. However, it may take a few days to get updated to the latest banners.

  • INAZUMA – Lore, characters, story hints, Archon, release date.

Genshin Impact English wish Simulator by Miwoju / thekima

You can access this one here. This is nearly identical to the one above, except even closer to the Wish page in-game. Using a few more in-game assets. Again, this is extremely straightforward and easy to use, but can take a few days after a new banner release to get updated.

Moreover, the main issue with both the uzinatorcl and the thekima Genshin Impact Wish simulator is that they can be taken down by miHoYo at a moment’s notice. For using in-game assets. Plus, when the banner changes, the two simulators above take a few days to update. Hence why we’ve got another Genshin wish simulator for you:

Genshin Impact – Japanese Wish Simulator

Here you can access the Japanese Wish Simulator. This one is much more bare bones than the above, and isn’t in English. However, don’t let the language barrier intimidate you. Trust me, it’s extremely easy to use.

Plus, it doesn’t risk getting taken down as it doesn’t directly reuses the game’s assets. Moreover, it’s always up to date, and is currently running the Zhongli and Yanfei banner.

The page lists all of the gacha banners in Genshin Impact so far. Simply click on the yellow button below a banner’s illustration to launch the simulation.

On the next page, click the same yellow button a second time, and you’ll get your simulation results.

Each character and weapon have their specific illustration displayed, so it’s easy to use even if you can’t read Japanese. Clicking the yellow button at the bottom of the results page will pull the gacha another ten times.

There you have it, the most popular Genshin Impact Wish simulators, all here.

Needless to say, the drop rates in all simulators are identical, and were taken from the game itself. However, keep in mind that at the end of the day, these are only simulators. Use them for fun, but don’t take their results as the absolute truth.

There’s no guarantee things will go the same way when you pull the gacha for real in-game. Be sure to check your in-game history as well to check your pity count.

  • LEAKS – Latest leaks possibly for 1.6 Inazuma content

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile. A Switch version was also announced.

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