How To Claim TennoCon 2021 Twitch Drops And Link Warframe Account

The Warframe Tennocon 2021 is live right and offering free Twitch drops to those who watch the livestream.

The Tennocon 2021 is a one-day event andiIn this live stream, Digital Extremes will be revealing the next big expansion for Warframe titled A New War.

As an incentive to watch the stream, Warframe is offering TennoCon 2021 Twitch Drops which you should definitely grab. So in this article, I shall explain how to claim the Twitch drops by linking your Warframe account.

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Warframe | TennoCon 2021 Teaser



Warframe | TennoCon 2021 Teaser





To claim TennoCon 2021 Twitch Drops for Warframe, you will have to link your Warframe account to your Twitch account. Here’s how to do it:

On linking Warframe account you can get free stuff including Prime Warframes, through the Twitch Prime system. So here’s what you need to do for linking Warframe account with Twitch:

  • Visit Waframe user page and login to your account
  • Click on your login name in the top right corner, and select Account Management
  • Click Link your Twitch Account at the bottom of the User Information page
  • Follow the instructions given their to link your Warframe account to your Twitch Account

NOTE: If you’ve linked your account before February 2021, you will have to do it again now because Digital Extremes has changed its system for Twitch Drops 2.0, which makes the previous link ups invalid.

Follow these steps to unlink Warframe with Twitch account:

  • Click here
  • Go to Connections page, then find Warframe listed under OTHER CONNECTIONS, click DISCONNECT and then confirm by clicking Yes, Disconnect
  • And then follow the steps mentioned previously to link accounts again.

To verify that both the accounts are linked, do this:

For other queries, refer to this page.

TennoCon 2021 Twitch Drops – Rewards

If you want to know what rewards you can get in year’s Tennocon live, check out this article. You will find a section for rewards which explains what is included and what to do in order to claim TennoCon 2021 Twitch Drops.

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