How to Complete Where Shadows Writhe Domain

If you are looking for easy loots, the Genshin Impact Where Shadows Writhe domain is an easy-to-accomplish task with considerable rewards.

Last week, miHoYo officially launched Genshin Impact on PS5, bringing the game on yet another platform and widening its community with new players joining the servers.

Today, a new domain with a set of challenges is available in Genshin Impact, by completing which you will receive rewards in three sections. Without further ado, let’s jump into the details of the new domain.

Story Teaser: Through the Eyes of a Dragon | Genshin Impact



Story Teaser: Through the Eyes of a Dragon | Genshin Impact





Genshin Impact Where Shadows Writhe – Rewards

  • Primogem: 60
  • Mora: 30,000
  • Fractured Fruit Data: 270

How to Complete Where Shadows Writhe

In order to start the mission, head to the south of Dawn Minery and North-west of Wyrmrest Valley, where the blueish mountains meet grass on the map. You will find the domain’s entrance next to a waterfall.

Once you started the mission, the rest will be explained by the game. First, you will need to kill 12 opponents, while the time gap between each kill shouldn’t exceed 30 seconds.

Accomplishing the task above will open a door to the next challenge where you will need to defeat five opponents in 4 minutes.

A new challenge awaits in the next room, where you will be tasked to kill 10 enemies. This time around, there are no time limits, but the enemies are tough to beat.

Once you completed the challenge, you will receive the rewards. Now, head to the blue hologram icon in the room to leave the domain.

Genshin Impact is now available for free on PS4, PS5, and PC. The fans were promised to get a Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact as well, but so far no details about it have been revealed by miHoYo.

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