How to Get the 2D Cat in Adopt Me Today (April 1)

Roblox is one of the biggest games around. Here’s how to get the 2D cat in Adopt Me.

New in-game items are always a big deal in popular games like Roblox. For a limited time, players can get a 2D cat in the game Adopt Me.

Here’s how to get the 2d cat in Adopt Me in Roblox before it disappears.

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How to Get the 2D Cat in Adopt Me

Getting the 2d cat in Adopt Me is pretty simple as long as you know where to look. Follow these steps and you should be good to play with your new two-dimensional pet. Make sure you get the pet within the next 24 hours before it disappears.

  1. Start the game and leave your house.
  2. Head over to the center of town where the two-dimensional buildings are (they’ve replaced the regular town square buildings for the time being)
  3. Talk to Burt (he should be standing on the right side of the buildings wearing a patterned blue button-up shirt)
  4. After talking to Burt, the 2D Kitty – Full Grown should be added to your inventory.

You can watch a video walk-through right here by Watergamingplays28:

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