How to Get the Sandbox Roblox Extension

The Sandbox Roblox Extension is a brand new feature coming to the well-known RoPro extension that widens the number of functionalities available in the original app.

Roblox has been one of the most successful developing tools in the last few years among gamers who don’t have a deep knowledge of programming but would like to create their own games with the easiest tools available in the market.

Thanks to the clear vision behind Roblox, millions of players have joined the platform over the past years to either create a new experience or have fun in the fan-made worlds.

Now, in order to create a smooth and user-friendly experience in Roblox, a lot of third-party developers try to bring in new features to the game. The RoPro extension is one of these third-party expansions that you probably know about it already.

What is the Sandbox Roblox Extension?

The latest update of the RoPro extension brings in a new feature called Avatar Sandbox, which is mostly known as the Sandbox Roblox Extension among the players.

This new feature allows players to create an avatar with a combo of various cosmetic items, even they don’t own those items. Simply, the extension lets you first check out your character with your desired cosmetic items, and then if you are satisfied with the result, you can choose to buy the items.

For the fancy Roblox fans who would like to change the appearance of their characters every now and then, this item could be a great cash saver and avoid them from spending too much on things that might not suit well to their style.

How to Get the Extension

The RoPro extension is available on web browsers. Through this link, you can install it on the Google Chrome browser. The Avatar Sandbox update is also live now on the extension. So, you can install it and use the new feature right after.

Roblox is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Android, and iOS.

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