Hypixel Patch Notes April 21

Minecraft is the type of game that gives players enough agency and ownership over their creations that they’re able to make their own games within it. That’s exactly what the Hypixel Network has done with the creation of SkyBlock.

SkyBlock isn’t the only game made by the Hypixel Network, but it’s one of its most notable. Giving a player a real sense of accomplishment is hard to do, but SkyBlock does just that by giving them essentially nothing to start out with and letting them treasure small, incremental victories. By the time they’ve made something big, the player is truly proud of what they’ve created.

Today, the game received a pretty substantial update, so here’s what you need to know about the SkyBlock Hypixel patch notes from April 20.

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Hypixel Patch Notes April 21

The full list of patch notes for the April 21 Hypixel update are as follows:

Note: Some mods that try to read backpack data may crash your game following this update. Make sure you inform your friendly neighborhood mod developer if your mods crashes your game!

5:58pm – Disabled the new storage temporarily as we investigate the mysterious case of the two extra not saving rows

7:18pm – And we’re back, hopefully for the long run. A fix is being rolled and storage is about to be open again. (this may take an hour or two)

11:27pm – Sorry for the delay! Backpacks are enabled again. Let’s pray nothing bad happens this time.

Why Revamp Backpacks?

The previous implementation of backpacks was great, we had no issues with it on a gameplay perspective. Sadly, due to the nature of Minecraft, inventory management on the server side is a hell of a pain.

Dupes, Exploits, even server crashes came from the previous implementation of backpacks, to the point where backpacks had to be disabled on a daily basis. As of right now, backpacks have been disabled for 15 days!

There comes a point where enough is enough – players deserve to have access to their inventories without having to constantly block access to it.


The way we have decided to implement backpacks is through an already existing system you all know as the Ender Chest. While it has it’s own issues, they are very far from the headaches of backpacks. The first thing you’ll notice upon logging in is the Ender Chest having been renamed “Storage”.

The Storage is accessed the same way the Ender Chest is accessed, but has been drastically expanded.

​The Ender Chest pages works exactly the same as they always did – you can pick their icons as always, and they are unlocked the same way as before. However, on top of this, you can equip up to 18 backpacks. This is subject to change – don’t get rid of your extra backpacks right away, as we may add more in the near future. (emphasis on may)

The top row is a menu – you can swap to other backpacks with it.
​Sadly, this does come with an unexpected nerf, and the top row of backpacks had to be made into menu buttons. As such, Jumbo Backpacks now only holds 45 items, down from 54. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Legacy Backpacks

But what about your current backpacks, and the items in them? Simply pick your backpack and drop it into the new storage, and it will be converted, causing the backpack to be added to your storage along with it’s content. To remove a backpack (to make space to convert more backpacks), simply empty a backpack then right click it to remove it from storage.

For legacy jumbo backpacks, since they are losing one row, the extra items will be sent either to your inventory, or to your stash for later retrieval.

Future Plans

We know this iteration of Backpacks comes a little barebone. For this reason, here’s a few things we’d like to add in the near future.

  • Shortcut Items to specific pages
  • Optional Backpacks shortcut on the 8th hotbar slot or right clicking menu star
  • Rename your backpacks/enderchest pages + slash command to go straight to named pages
  • Add more backpack slots
  • API support

We’ve worked hard and as quickly as we could to make this backpack revamp a reality, but please keep in mind that we are releasing it as is. While extensive testing was done to ensure we didn’t run into any issues, or create new exploits, once this is released to the public, you can expect that more issues may come out. We’d like to apologize ahead of time if we end up disabling Storage in the next few hours/days, however we will be doing our very best to ensure this doesn’t need to happen.

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