Minecraft April Fools 2021 – Snapshot History, What’s Happening This Year

Each year Mojang releases a special Snapshot update for Minecraft as an April Fools prank, and this year will likely be no different. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the history of Minecraft and April Fool’s Day, and if there will be a new prank Snapshot this year.

Last year, Mojang released the 20w14infinite Snapshot. You can check out the official trailer for the April Fools 2020 prank below.

Minecraft April Fools 2020 – Snapshot 20w14infinite

20w14infinite was an April Fools joke Snapshot released on April 1, 2020. The snapshot added procedurally generated dimensions that randomized existing elements of the game.

Things looked really weird, to summarise the 2020 Snapshot.

If you wanted to experience some of the new elements added in the Snapshot, all you needed to do was write in a book and throw it into the nether portal. Players would know if this had been successful because the colour of the nether portal would change. Then, step through the portal and you’d be greeted with a completely randomly generated dimension.

You can find the full list of changes that were in the 20w14infinite Snapshot below:



  • Blocks and items in the creative inventory have been shuffled. This is likely an intentional bug.

Debug mode

  • Has also been shuffled, like the creative inventory. This is likely an intentional bug.


  • Players can catch a fish mob, guardian, elder guardian, squid, or boat when fishing. This is likely an intentional bug.


  • Added player check to the changed_dimension trigger.


Loading screen

  • The Mojang loading screen has been changed.
    • When the game is loaded it displays the company name MOJANG underneath it with a person singing “Mojang!” similar to how “Sega!” would be sung on a Sega startup screen. The same sound was also used in 3D Shareware v1.34. Occasionally, it will be higher-pitched. This is a distinct sound file.

World selection screen

  • Worlds from releases and other snapshots are not visible but can be accessed by launching the game in said releases and snapshots.

Minecraft April Fools 2021 – What’s Happening?

As of writing, there’s no word from Mojang themselves surrounding a new April Fool’s Snapshot. However, normal weekly Snapshots are usually released at around 3PM BST / 10AM ET / 7AM PT. If a new April Fool’s Snapshot is released later today (April 1), we’ll make sure to update this article immediately with the information.

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