Minecraft Parasite Mod – How to install and what is it?

Minecraft was launched almost a decade ago, and the game is still loved by millions of players out there, ranging from casual players to streamers and more. Mojang Studios is gearing up to launch a major update for the game later this year, the Caves and Cliffs update which will further be adding more stuff to the game.

Mods are quite commonly used in the PC gaming community, and Minecraft is no exception to it. In fact, the Minecraft modding community is one of the biggest out there. The Minecraft Parasite Mod is gaining a lot of popularity lately, and here is all you need to know about it.

Minecraft Parasite Mod – What is it?

The Minecraft Parasite Mod gained popularity after a few popular Minecraft Youtubers made videos on it. To no surprise, it caught the attention of the community and fans are quite eager to learn more about the mod. The Parasite Mod adds new mobs, which are quite dangerous than the existing ones in the game.

  • Shyco: It is quite similar to the Iron Golem and can throw players in the air which deals a lot of damage. The large health bar makes it quite difficult to defeat.
  • Dorpa: The Dorpa is as scary as its name, and resembles a spider. It throws web balls that traps players and prevents them from escaping.
  • Rathol: Rathol is arguably the deadliest of the lot, and is a big, slow creature with quite a hefty health bar. When it explodes, it spawns minions which are immune to poison.
  • Emana: The Emana is one of Rathol’s minions and is a flying creature able to shoot poison missiles.
  • Lodo: The Lodo is a ground creature and another minion of Rathol.
  • Infected Human: These are nothing but living individuals that are being controlled by a parasite. They hunt along with the creatures they once fought and kidnap living beings to process them for assimilation in order to mutate into other forms.

Minecraft Parasite Mod – How to install?

To install Minecraft Parasite Mod, players need to go to 9Minecraft and download the mod from there. Do note that you need to install Minecraft Forge to be able to run the mod. Once that’s done, head to AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods and put the mod files in the folder. Start Minecraft and head on to the mods section, and you will find the mod there.

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